Wellness Programs

A happy state of mind can create wonders at work place. Our employee wellness programs are aimed at creating happiness and well being of mind, body and spirit.

The psyche of today’s work force is to always stay ahead of curve and keep running the rat race. A supportive wellness system at work place can help you create a very positive and vibrant environment, and also gain more loyalty and appreciation from your employees.

Engage with us to discover some great programs that can be further tailored to your needs.

Connect your Soul with peace and well being

Cardio and aerobic sessions…

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We combine meditation, group therapies, Ayurveda and counselling to deliver a holistic package.
Reap the benefits of these programs that help you:

  • Reduce stress at work
  • Create a more focused and productive resource pool
  • Minimize ill health and sickness thereby reduce employee absenteeism
  • Treat workplace injuries the right way with right treatments and medicines
  • And most importantly, promote good health of individuals to build a healthier community!
Health Counselling:

There is a saying in our native folklore that when water is served through conch, it becomes divine. So is healthy advice! When individuals are counselled and guided towards a healthy lifestyle by a learned and experienced medical practitioner, who adopts simple yet effective ways of treating people, then it would definitely be worthwhile.

Our Wellness Guru offers individual as well as group counselling. He provides a balance of Ayurveda as well as seasoned advice that can drive your employees in the direction of healthy and enduring life. He can evaluate a person’s health by the touch of pulse and a comforting discussion.

The focus of counselling is to address any health issues that may be impacting a person at work or in personal life. We also gather feedback from these sessions to let you measure the employee satisfaction.

Academic Wellness:

In association with Jeevan Ayurveda, we have sponsored and executed many Swarnamrutha Prashana for vedic schools under Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamy’s able guidance and blessings.