IT Projects

You can outsource your IT projects to us for a managed delivery. We undertake projects that require complete outsourcing, or where you need a sub-contractor to augment your skills to deliver specific projects. If you are in non-IT business, and require IT as part of your project execution, you have come to the right place.

We provide the following:

  • Sub contracting on IT projects
  • Outsourcing vendor for IT projects
  • Website design and execution

We leverage our technical partners’ network to pick and assign the best suited skills to accomplish projects. We provide both skill FTE and resource FTE.

Our expertise lies in Websites, CMS, DMS, custom solutions, and analytics across Microsoft, Drupal, PHP, HTML5, and so on.

We have flexible pricing models that can be worked out to fit your budgets.

With a combination of skilled resources, extensive experience in managed services and project delivery, and of course a strong leadership, we have got your back! We can help you retain and sustain more business.